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Whether you’re constructing a new home or rejuvenating an aging roof, Stillwater Roofing provides an array of choices in roof types, materials, and designs. Material options range from classic asphalt and architectural shingles to contemporary metal roofing, catering to various residential home and commercial building styles.

Common Roof Types & Their Advantages

Understanding diverse roof types, including popular designs like gable and less common ones like flat, is crucial when making decisions for your property. Trust Stillwater Roofing to guide you through these considerations, helping you make informed choices.

Gable Roofs

A prevalent design, the gable roof features two slopes meeting at its peak, with variations like front, side, and cross. Notable advantages include

Ease of Construction: This design is relatively easy to build.
Attic Space: They create reasonable attic spaces.
Effective Drainage: The pitch of this design makes for efficient water drainage, shedding rain and snow easily.

However, it’s essential to note that their energy efficiency may differ from other designs. Our roof experts will help you find a material that meets your needs and style preferences. Shingles are the most popular choice.

Hip Roofs

Explore the versatility of hip designs with variations like Regular Hip, Half-hip, and Cross-hip, each offering unique features and advantages.

Excellent Wind Resistance: This type excels in wind resistance due to its aerodynamic design.
Wraparound Gutters: They accommodate wraparound gutters, enhancing water management.
Great Ventilation and Drainage: This design provides ample ventilation and efficient drainage.

The classic hip roof, characterized by four sloping sides meeting at the peak, ensures more headroom than a gable roof. Despite its larger size, it requires fewer shingles or other materials, showcasing a balance of structural efficiency and visual appeal.

Flat Roofs

Explore the diversity of low-slope or flat designs, encompassing types like membrane, built-up, and modified bitumen, with distinct advantages:

Relatively Inexpensive: Flat roofs are cost-effective, utilizing minimal materials.
Easy Installation and Maintenance: Offering straightforward installation and maintenance procedures.
Additional Outdoor Space: Providing an extra outdoor area for various uses.

Characterized by a minimal pitch or slope, flat roofing systems are more common on commercial buildings. Common materials include EPDM (rubber roofing), TPO, and modified bitumen. Given the inherent risk of leaks with flat roofs, it is imperative to engage skilled installers for repair, replacement, or installation, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the roofing system.

Stillwater Roofing: Your Roof Installation Experts in the West St Paul Area

While these designs offer advantages, your roofer at Stillwater Roofing will guide you through the variations, discussing pros, cons, and costs.

Contact us today! Make informed decisions on the ideal roof type for your property—high quality, affordable, and tailored to your needs.



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